Walls Students, Juvenile Justice Policy, and the Arts

Posted on: October 25th, 2015 by Anastasia Miller
Congratulations to the freshman Walls students (Kevin Akers, Zhana Marks, Jordan Allen, Greta Jelen, Daniyah Prosser, Maria Moran and Alex Togneri-Jones​) who helped inform Department of Justice Assistant Director Robert Listenbee and the White House Domestic Policy Council on the importance of sensible Juvenile Justice policy and the power arts education at the Justice and the Power of the Arts day-long seminar held at the White House October 14. These students also enjoyed a surprise opportunity to meet and speak with Fruitvale Station and Fantastic Four actor Michael B. Jordan!

Our congratulations also go out to Walls students Akil Mondie, Jennyfer Jimenez, Kate Muffet, Sewit Seyoum, Kyra Bendel, Erica Duque, Caleigh Bartash, Francis Wells, Ben McMeley and Alexandra Jacobs on their performance art piece with artists Cheryl Pope and Nyugen Smith, also at the White House, October 15. The piece was meant to highlight the need for youth voices in the creation of sensible juvenile justice policy and the power of the arts to amplify those voices.