Walls Homecoming Dance Huge Success

Posted on: November 21st, 2016 by Admin

Nearly 400 Walls students from all four grades came out to dance, socialize and have fun at the annual Homecoming Dance last Friday (Oct 28). The event, which is organized by the school administration and staff, was a huge success and was attended by a wide variety of students from all grades and backgrounds.

The dance floor was the multi-purpose room where a D.J. played music all night. The room was festively decorated and one wall was set aside for cold lemonade, water and pretzels. Dozens of balloons were tossed onto the dance floor just before the homecoming king and queens were announced for each grade (students had voted earlier)

If students were hot from the dance floor, they could drift up to the outdoor terrace, which was decorated with festive lights and was a cool respite from the heat downstairs. Teachers were stationed in hallways to make sure students did not sneak away to unsupervised corners of the school.

The student yearbook team was taking photos the whole night and students could pay to have a special format portrait taken against a dark background.

As always, no bags were allowed in and the faculty ran a very efficient bag check system at the front door as a convenience for students and also to help insure that everyone was safe.

No student was allowed to leave prior to 10 pm and most stayed right until 1030 pm when the lights came on the party wrapped up for the night.

Thanks especially to Mr. Ackerman for coordinating the entire dance.