Walls’ Debaters Perform Admirably at Two Tournaments

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Walls’ Debaters Perform Admirably at Two Tournaments
by Jacob Ausubel

The School Without Walls debate club has been busy during the last two months, competing in two tournaments organized by the Washington Catholic Forensic League. The first tournament took place at Westfield High School in Chantilly, Virginia on November 16, and the second tournament took place at Lake Braddock Secondary School in Burke, Virginia on December 14. These tournaments were huge, consisting of hundreds of debaters competing in a variety of debate styles. The first tournament required over 100 classrooms and the second tournament probably required more. There were over 1,000 debaters at the second tournament, competing in the styles of Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, Policy, Speech, and Student Congress. The Walls debate club competed against a variety of schools from DC, Maryland, and Virginia, including Thomas Jefferson, Sidwell Friends, Our Lady of Good Counsel, McLean, and Walt Whitman.

Walls’ teams competed in a style of debating known as Public Forum, in which there are two students on one team. During the first tournament, members of the club discussed the pros and cons of domestic surveillance conducted by the National Security Agency. During the second tournament, they discussed the pros and cons of a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Walls’ teams performed admirably during both tournaments. During the first tournament, two teams competing at the novice level won all four rounds of debate. One of those teams, Jacob Ausubel and Will Warren, came in fifth place while the other team, Elena Burger and Elena Sohn, came in sixth place. As a result of the teams’ performances, all four debaters progressed to the junior varsity division. Two other teams, Jonathan Wood and Ramella Suber, and Max Segal and Tom Tran, won three out of four of their total debate rounds, narrowly missing out on progressing to the junior varsity level. In total, 71 novice teams competed at the novice level. Two Walls teams competed at the junior varsity level: Taiwo Dosunmu and Mahler Revsine, and Nathan Ausubel and Brett Isaacs. Both teams performed well, placing in the top half of all junior varsity teams. In total, 72 teams competed at the junior varsity level.

During the second tournament, one team competed at the novice level, Jonathan Wood and Ramella Suber. The team performed well, receiving ninth place out of a total of 61 teams. Three teams competed at the junior varsity level: Jacob Ausubel and Will Warren, Nathan Ausubel and Brett Isaacs, and Elena Burger and Taiwo Dosunmu. All teams performed admirably against tough competitors from other schools. Jacob and Will’s team performed particularly well, receiving tenth place out of a total of 59 teams.

Great work SWW Debate Team!