Walls Boys Soccer has a Promising Start to the Season

Posted on: October 6th, 2011 by Admin

Coolidge scored midway through the first half on a strong left foot from one of their midfielders.  The score followed a powerful try by Walls’ David Heim that caromed off the crossbar and

Adam Paul Cowden and Jack Pine anchored the defense for Coach Aron Gyorgy’s team.  Center midfielder Baran Aydin, an exchange student from Germany, scored Walls goal late in the second half, and Walls kept the pressure on, including two strong shots from Anatol Steck that went wide, but neither team was able to score before the final 3 whistles.

The second game for Walls was a forfeit due to a lack of enough players by Ballou’s team. However, the teams had a promising scrimmage, where both teams mingled and had a good time.

The Penguins were able to get some good playing time, and were prepared for the following game against Bell, on the following Monday, [date].

As game day arrived, everybody on the team was excited. Anticipation filled the air, and we were ready to play. Walls was facing Bell Multicultural, the defending DCIAA city champions and considered the best team in the league. The aspirations were high and Walls put up a fight. After conceding 3 early goals in the first half, the team fought back and scored two to lessen the deficit. Anatol Steck scored one of the goals on a beautiful free-kick that placed in the back of the net. Then, as the first half was beginning to expire, a Bell player scored a goal for Walls off of a perfectly placed free-kick by Paul Cowden. This favorable fluke gave Walls a spark of life.

As the teams exited the field at half-time, Captain David Heim remarked, “We’ve never dominated Bell in the midfield like this before. We can do this.”

The second half started and Bell came with a vengeance putting in another goal. The score changed to 4-2 in favor of Bell. However, Walls did not stop fighting. After a fifth goal was put in by Bell, Gabriel Moreira-Lime placed a beautiful shot in the corner of the net, giving Walls their third goal and the most goals ever scored by Walls against Bell in a single game.

When the final whistle blew, the team left the field with a feeling of disappointment, but they were satisfied that they had played the best game of the season so far. We showed that we can beat Bell and we can beat any team in this league.

However, the biggest game of Walls’ early season is yet to come. As the Penguins face Wilson on Wednesday October 5, this will be a game to see. You won’t want to miss it. Support the Boys Soccer Team when we march into Wilson’s stadium and take the win on the road.

Next Game: Wilson Tigers at Wilson on Oct 5