Two SWW Juniors Work to Help Students in Need

Posted on: April 12th, 2013 by Admin

Our names are Ariana Paredes-Vincent and Delphine Uriburu Wilder. We are juniors at School Without Walls. Over the summer we worked at a non-profit organization in Lima, Peru, called CEDRO. This organization works with at-risk youth that have run away from home, been sexually or physically abused, or abandoned. We had the privilege of meeting many wonderful kids who despite their rough pasts strive for a positive future. One boy we met had always dreamed of becoming a chef, but he thought he was not able to fulfill this dream because he could not afford the tuition. He therefore thought he was and would always be doomed to perform unskilled general labor and work to merely stay alive. In order to help him pursue his dream, we started a program called Project Opportunity. This program is helping him fulfill his dream by raising the funds to pay for his tuition at the culinary institute. Following this specialized training, he will be able to get a better job than he would have had he gone straight to work without schooling. He started school in January, and has been doing incredibly, but we don’t have the funds yet to pay for the whole two years he will be in school. That is where you come in. 100% of your donation will be directly used to pay his tuition. We have started with him, but by no means will that be the end of this project. We will keep going in order to help as many kids as we can. These are good, hardworking kids, with hearts full of hope, but they do not have families to support them financially or emotionally. We want to be their support, and with your help, we can be. Help us help Benjamin, a boy who has faced unimaginable challenges. Every donation will make a difference in Benjamin’s and the other kids’ lives. Your donation is fully tax-deductible.

For more information please visit our website where you can view a video about our project and find information on how to donate:

Thank you,
Ariana Paredes-Vincent & Delphine Uriburu-Wilder
Co-founders of Project Opportunity