SWW Ultimate Frisbee Team Wins 12-5 Against Burke High School

Posted on: May 10th, 2012 by Jennifer Boulanger

So far, we’ve played the Field School, which has a long-running Ultimate Frisbee program, and did very well, especially for a first game experience. The Walls team held winnings of 5-0 and 10-6 during different stages of the game. Although we played strong, we lost 11-13.

Walls played another great game against Washington Latin H.S. and lost by a mere point (10-11). However, on May 2nd we experienced our first victory against Edmund Burke H.S., winning 12-5!

Please come out and support us today, Thursday, May 10, at 4:30 PM for our fourth game against Field High School.

SWW Ultimate Frisbee Penguin

SWW Ultimate Frisbee Team SWW Ultimate Frisbee vs Burke HS-image 2
SWW Ultimate Frisbee vs Burke HS-image 3 SWW Ultimate Frisbee vs Burke HS-image 4