SWW Robotics Team Feature Robot at GW School of Business

Posted on: December 21st, 2012 by Admin

Like Silicon Valley startup entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to venture capitalists, several members of School without Walls Robotics Team, presented their robot to social entrepreneurs and graduate students at the George Washington University School of Business on Saturday, Dec 1st. William Neidecker-Gonzales, Sasha Rickard and Alex Morales Sanz navigated their advanced basketball-throwing, remote-controlled robot down the hallways of the university to present to business students interested in learning about and supporting engineering students in the DC Public Schools. In particular, the GWU business schools students are taking a course in social entrepreneurship, which promotes the study of business ventures with a social or non-profit mission. The Walls students built their robot as part of the FIRST Robotics competition, where hundreds of teams compete nationwide to create robots that can play against each other in games reminiscent of basketball or soccer. Last year, the Walls team came in third out of 20 teams in Washington, DC.

After the Walls students presented their robot, the GWU social entrepreneurs followed-up with questions. One business professor asked what the greatest engineering challenges are today. Sasha Rickard responded that her recent SWW trip to India highlighted the need for the distribution of clean water in India, a less developed country where engineers can build better water infrastructure. William Gonzales mentioned that he has visited Honduras many times, since his father was born there, and that there is great demand to build road infrastructure in the small Central American nation. In response to a question asked about what they have learned about engineering through FIRST Robotics, William Gonzales and Alex Morales mentioned that building a robot taught them the importance of teamwork, problem solving, business skills, marketing and fundraising–skills that have long-term value in life. As a result of this very informative exchange, the social entrepreneurs who attended this meeting have donated over a thousand dollars to the Walls Robotics team and many students have signed up as new members this year. The FIRST Robotics competition “kick off” will be held on Saturday, January 5, 2013 from 8:00 a.m. until noon at Wilson High School and all SWW robotics team members are invited to attend.

SWW Robotics Team Feature Robot at GW School of Business
SWW Robotics Members Alex Morales Sanz, Sasha Rickard and William Neidecker Gonzales
Featuring the SWW Robot at the George Washington School of Business