SWW Participates in GWU Food Expo – March 28, 2013

Posted on: April 3rd, 2013 by Admin


SWW students’ research and projects were showcased at GW’s Food EXPO on March 28th.  Students presented their projects, papers and classroom activities related to the Integrated Food Project.   Participants had the opportunity to hear from lead researchers in the fields of medicine, nutrition, agriculture, food policy and health advocacy.  SWW was specifically represented during a panel discussion regarding the project.

The Integrated Food Project is a collaboration between The George Washington University, School Without Walls, and the ThinkFoodGroup that teaches students about the history and culture of food and positively shapes student awareness of health and nutrition through the delivery of “food-infused” lesson plans. The concept of integrating food and nutrition into existing curriculum, championed by Diane Knapp and Chef José Andrés, promotes food as a lens through which to view the conventional disciplines of English, social studies, foreign language, science and math.  The project is an outgrowth of GW’s Urban Food Task Force, an initiative whose goals include promoting healthy eating and supporting scholarship on food related issues.

The project is designed with the mission of increasing students’ awareness and understanding of food, nutrition, and health outcomes.  Teachers modify standard lesson plans to emphasize food’s role in history, to enhance cultural studies, to understand the physical world around them, and to examine food in the literary world.  Additionally, the team of teachers collaborates in their lesson planning, which creates interdisciplinary learning opportunities using food as a common denominator. In the classroom, students are highly engaged and find deeper understanding in the relevance of food in everyone’s lives.

For more information about the partnership or the project, contact Laura O’Neill:  LauraONeill@gmail.com.