SWW Leads in DC CAS Testing

Posted on: August 15th, 2011 by Admin

Walls’ students scored city highs in both reading and math proficiency, at 99.14% and 98.28%, respectively. “We started at a high level of proficiency in 2010, at over 96% in reading and over 95% in math. To improve on those high levels is a testament to our students, teachers, and administrative staff,” says Linwood Jolly, president of the school’s parents’ association. “Yet we are not stopping here or content to rest on our laurels.  Our job is to be one of the very best high schools in the country given the resources we have here in Washington, D.C. We want to be a model for urban education reform, and we are committed to achieving that goal,” Jolly emphasizes.

Walls’ achievement comes even when many DC CAS scores in the city show stagnation or decline. “Our goal is to lift all boats,” says Terry Lynch, Walls parents’ association vice president. “Hopefully our students, staff and families can serve as an example to others in the system, and hopefully we can reach out and build ties that will assist in raising performance levels at the system’s other schools,” Lynch continues. “Despite Chancellor Henderson’s cutting our budget—eliminating teachers, staff, and counselor positions—I am confident that together as a team we will work to overcome the hurdles presented to us and continue to excel,” he says.