SWW International Students Need You More Than Ever

Posted on: October 15th, 2015 by Anastasia Miller

UPDATED 11/2/2015

Just one more international student is in need of a permanent placement! We continue to extend the invitation to Walls families to enjoy the special experience of hosting a young person from another country. Here’s a quick description of each student (all are 16 years old). J Ai (Steven) is still looking for his long-term DC home.

  • J Ai (Steven) from China is kind and respectful. He participates in many activities but particularly loves sports and plays basketball.
  • Mei (Cora) from Hong Kong loves photography, travel, and shopping and has just started cross country at SWW.
  • Hadia from Pakistan is a scholarship student who participates in many volunteer and leadership activities. She recently began an internship at the Smithsonian.
  • Laia from Spain laughs easily and loves to dance, sing, and volunteer. She participates in sports and is an animal lover.
  • Shiyu (Anna) from China is outgoing and funny; she paints and plays the piano and enjoys volunteering. She works very hard at school.

Please contact Amanda Dennen at AFS for more information. Email her at (adennen [at] afsusa [dot] org), or call (646) 381 3310.

  • 10/25: Shiyu has found permanent placement with a Walls family.
  • 11/2: Mei, Hadia, and Laia have found permanent placement with Walls families. Thank you!