SWW Girls Lacrosse—Working Hard and Having Fun

Posted on: May 10th, 2012 by Admin

Players include students from grades 9–12. We’ve participated in eight or nine games during the season, playing against Wilson, Potomac and Bishop MacNamara high schools. Some wins, some losses, but we’ve stayed intense the entire time. For one of the games played against Wilson, we teamed up with Ballou, a school we’ve practiced with and helped when they didn’t have enough players.
Practice five times a week, conditioning included, helped the team build endurance and stamina, allowing us to run fast and strong. Once our basic stick skills were mastered, it became much easier to play well, which was part of the reason we beat Wilson the third time round.

Our coaches dedicate a lot to help us be the best we can be, and it has made a huge difference throughout the season. The entire team has progressed immensely. Some players were returning from past seasons, some were new, but that didn’t matter. In the end, it came down to who worked hard.
The lacrosse experience is an extremely good one, filled with team bonding and fun, while working hard and learning an extremely fun sport. I think we’ve all learned something from it, no matter what it was. We all walked away knowing something we didn’t know before.

sww girls lacrosse image09Team Roster:
Alcorta-Hollinsed, Christina
Anderson, Audrey
Bell, Elena
Carson, Emily
Charles, Molly
Gutierrez, Rebekah
Guzman, Stephanie
Houtman, Julia
Iourienen, Agnes
Isaacs, Brett
Jalloh, Hulaimatu
Lara, Diana
Lynch, Camille
McLean, Imani
Olutosin, Ifetayo
Saunders, Janel
Scarlett, Dysis
Taylor, Anna
Threatt, Jahni
Uriburu-Wilder, Delphine
Wilson, Autumn
Witman, Yonina
Yavuz, Hazal