SWW Girls Lacrosse Team

Posted on: May 10th, 2013 by Admin

School Without Walls Girls Lacrosse: Nearing an End
by Brett Isaacs

As the season for School Without Walls girls lacrosse starts to near a close, the team is proud to say that they’re moving out strong. Welcoming many new freshmen and many returning players, at the beginning of the year, the team started off slowly, but steadily. In a loss to Maret and Wilson earlier this spring, it was hard to know what was coming with the last few games as the season began to wrap itself up. However, when playing the Lab school on the 23rd, Walls managed to shut them down in a game that ended with the score being 7-1 in Walls’ favor. Special credit went to Delphine Uriburu, the goalie for the girls’ team, who just started out playing the goalie position this season and managed to do an impressive imitation of a stone wall at the game on Tuesday. The team plans to play Wilson for the second time as their last game on Friday the 3rd, as a good ending to what has so far been a wonderful season. Even with certain setbacks such as transportation issues, a field that has more dust than grass, and no assistant coach this season, the team has managed to continue to be hardworking and doing all it can to finish strong. Also, playing against the Lab school, a new team like Walls, helped the players see how far they’d come, instead of just focusing on the score. This is mostly thanks to Ms. Kennedy, the US History teacher and coach after school who managed to get the team into shape to work hard and have fun. This year the team will say goodbye to two departing seniors but hopes to find all the rest back in the fall—hopefully with some new freshmen as well in fall, 2013. Spirits are high as the lacrosse season reaches a close, with much hope for the final game on the 3rd and the next season still to come.