SWW Girl’s Field Hockey–Season Update

Posted on: October 28th, 2012 by Admin

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Class of 2015

The field hockey season is in full swing and will soon be drawing to a close. The team is progressing massively, as we take on other school teams like Episcopal High School and Bishop O’Connell High School. We’ve yet to win a game, but we play hard and do our best. Our closest game was against Wilson High School, whom we faced again in the second to last game of the season.

Our team practices four times a week, two hours per practice to master the game, with a high concentration on stick skills and building on what we’ve learned from past mistakes against other teams. Our routine also includes timed running to build endurance.

A lot has changed since the Field Hockey team first began last year, gaining new players, new techniques on the field, and taking on schools that we thought would leave us in the dust. Thanks to the coaching of Lauren Sheets and the involvement of many parents, the field hockey team traveled to many far distance games and managed challenges and the pressure of school work. All the while, we’ve come together as a team, aiming to triumph in a game with the score to show for it.

With a few more practices and the continued efforts of the team and parents, the Field Hockey team could lead Walls to its first victory in the sport.