SWW Art Teacher James Cunningham Honored by DCPS, OSSE, and LearnServe as Outstanding Educator

Posted on: March 21st, 2016 by Anastasia Miller

Most of the Walls family knows by now that James Cunningham, art teacher and department chair, was named DCPS Teacher of the Year. We recently received further congratulations from DC-based service-learning organization LearnServe—of which Mr. Cunningham has been an avid supporter:

“He brought the LearnServe program with him to the School Without Walls, traveled to Ethiopia and Zambia with LearnServe Abroad, encouraged his two children to travel with LearrnServe to Zambia, and recruits and advises LearnServe Fellows from the School Without Walls.  We were proud to honor James with our inaugural Global Perspective Award in 2013.  And we are even more proud now to celebrate James Cunningham’s well-deserved recognition as DCPS Teacher of the Year.”

You can learn more about LearnServe here (or talk to Mr. Cunningham!). See a full interview with Mr. Cunningham on DC’s WJLA 7 here.