SWW Athletics

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Visit SWW’s Sports Website for information about tryouts, games, coaches, forms, etc. For further information, contact Kip Smith, Athletics Director.

SWW Sportsmanship Statement

“Good sportsmanship is viewed by the National Federation of High School Associations as a commitment to fair play, ethical behavior and integrity. In perception and practice, sportsmanship is defined as those qualities that are characterized by generosity and genuine concern for others. The ideals of sportsmanship apply equally to all athletic disciplines. Individuals, regardless of their role in athletics, are expected to be aware of their influence on the behavior of others and model good sportsmanship.”

Expectation of Coaches, Directors and Sponsors

  • Always set a good example for participants and fans to follow, exemplifying the highest moral and ethical behavior.
  • Instruct participants in proper sportsmanship responsibilities and demand that they make sportsmanship and ethic the No. 1 priority.
  • Respect judgment of contest officials, abide by rules of the event and display no behavior that could incite fans.
  • Treat opposing coaches, directors, participants and fans with respect. Shake hands with officials, opposing coach in public.
  • Develop and enforce penalties for participants who do not abide by sportsmanship standards.

Expectation of SWWHS Student Participants

  • Treat teammates with respect.
  • Treat opponents with respect: shake hands prior to and after contests.
  • Respect judgment of contest officials, coaches or directors and fellow participants to conduct a fair contest.
  • Accept seriously the responsibility and privilege of representing the School Without Walls and community; display positive public action at all times.
  • Live up to high standard of sportsmanship established by coach or director.

Expectations of Parents, Students and Fans

  • Realize that a ticket is a privilege to observe a contest and support high school athletics, not a license to verbally assault others or to be generally obnoxious.
  • Respect decisions made by contest officials.
  • Be an exemplary role model by positively supporting teams in every manner possible, including content of cheers and sign.
  • Respect fans, coaches, directors and participants.

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