Model United Nations

Founded in the 1920s in effort to garner youth support for the League of Nations, the concept of Model UN focuses on prolonged political simulations. Nowadays, Model UN conferences host as many as 50 simulations at once, ranging from Obama’s cabinet during the Syrian Crisis, to the United Nations Security Council during the Korean War, to even a Jedi vs. the Sith simulation.

The Walls Model UN Club

The Walls club was established in conjunction with the George Washington University Program on International Education (GWUPIE). Rotating student leaders from GWU’s laurelled team guide the club through conference preparation and skill development through the year. Walls attends five college-organized conferences a year, including the largest (4,000 delegates!) in the United States, the North American Invitational Model United Nations (NAIMUN). Model UN is not meant to endow with a specific ability or talent, but it gives a set of skills that will allow a delegate to function in high-stress, crowded situations and still come out on top.

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51st State of Mind

51st State of Mind began as an effort by the Walls Model UN team to counter the stereotype that DC’s population only forms politics, and cannot hold unique views. If only we had a nickel for every time we were asked if our parents worked on the Hill at MUN conferences. So we created Fifty-First State of Mind, a publication to show that DC’s views are as legitimate as those any other state. We present a combination of news updates, editorials, photo-journalism, video segments, reviews, and essays. Our team is on the clock 24/7, creating daily updates on the modern world and the people in it, delivered through a small-scale independent website run by readers, for its readers.