School Without Walls has student dress standards to fit everyday school life and special activities. Our goal is to create an academic environment void of distractions and to prepare students for effective dress. Our standards include three levels of attire:

1.    Business Professional

Expected of students who attend trips, such as visits to the White House, Kennedy Center, Shakespeare Theater, and embassies.  Business professional attire is expected also for Senior Project presentations. Additionally, students may be asked by teachers to wear business professional attire for classroom presentations and other school events.

 2.    Business Casual

Expected of all students for school programs, such as assemblies for International Day, Black History Month, and National Honor Society. For all school wide programs, we expect students to avoid wearing tennis shoes, jeans, tee shirts, shorts, leggings, etc.

 3.    Casual Attire

Students typically wear jeans, tennis shoes, shorts, sandals, appropriate leggings, boots, pants, skirts, blouses, etc., unless they are scheduled to attend a school program or special event.

 Attire Not Allowed at SWW:

  • Extremely short dresses or skirts or shorts (When in doubt, the student should do the “fingertip” test. Hold arms parallel to legs; if the garment is above the fingertips, the garment is too short.)
  • Tee shirts with inappropriate language or images
  • Low cut tops
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Spiked chains
  • Hats
  • Bandanas
  • Saggy pants

Students who wear inappropriate attire will be given a school tee shirt, or parents may be asked to bring appropriate clothing. If a student does not meet the dress standard for school programs or special trips, he or she may be asked to remain in school under the supervision of an adult.