Student Recruitment for SY16-17 Japanese Language, Culture, and Career Exposure Program

Posted on: June 3rd, 2016 by Anastasia Miller

Globalize DC (CGEL) Announces:

Planning is now underway for next year’s “Japanese Plus” program, our new afterschool Japanese language, culture, and career exposure program open to DCPS and DC charter high school students. The school-year program is scheduled to run from September 2016 through May 2017, and will be offered at no cost to students.

We know there are students all over the city who are fascinated with Japan and Japanese culture; some are even trying to teach themselves Japanese. We created this program, made possible through a generous grant from the U.S.-Japan Foundation, with these young people in mind. We expect program participants will be able to earn world language credit that can be applied towards high school graduation. Beyond a first-class language course, our Japanese Plus program will expose students to a wealth of Japan-related content and experiences, tapping into DC’s many local experts, partners, and resources. This is going to be a fabulous experience, and a lot of fun!

The program will meet twice a week (one weekday TBD afterschool and Saturday mornings). Full attendance is required throughout the school year-long program. We will select up to 25 students from DCPS or DC charter schools across the city. Preference will be given to rising 9th-11th graders, but rising seniors are also invited to apply. Most importantly, we are looking for students with the following characteristics:

  • Interest in studying Japanese language, learning about the culture, and being part of this program.
  • Potential to successfully complete the program.
  • Demonstrated commitment to full attendance and participation from beginning to end.

We’ll also be looking for a diverse group of students, representing schools and neighborhoods in all parts of the city.

Any interested student should begin the process by completing the online Student Interest Form. We will consider these in the order in which they are received, so we encourage students to fill these out as soon as possible, even if they are uncertain now about their interest or ability to participate. We’ll be putting the program together over the summer. During that time, we will be following up with all students who submit Student Interest Forms and will be sharing information as it becomes available.

Questions? Feel free to contact Sally Schwartz at or 202-251-1692.