Start of the Third Season: School Without Walls Field Hockey

Posted on: September 30th, 2013 by Admin


By Brett Isaacs

Now in its third season, the School Without Walls field hockey team has “hit the ground running.” So far, the team has played three games, and not only scored, but won their third game against Woodrow Wilson High School, 2-0. This was the first game won this year overcoming a major hurdle in the Walls Field Hockey season. The two goals were scored by junior Klara Paro and senior Maya Hall, but it was the whole team and defense that kept Walls ahead for the entire game. Every week the team takes the experiences they gain in the games and uses them during practice to become better each game they play. Practices this season not only focus on simple stick skill drills, but also endurance and complicated team plays. This is a good base to work from and leads to the application of skills during games. Earlier games this season against Sidwell Friends and a school from Manassas, VA were both losses, however learning experiences were then used to help defeat Wilson. All in all, the third season of the Walls field hockey team is off to a magnificent start. Coach Lauren Sheets is back again this year working with the team and making it better and better. As a team, we still have far to go before upcoming games in October and the season’s end, but we are excited get out there and play.