Sophomore Docter-Loeb continues her scientific journey; research article published in December 2015 IHSJS

Posted on: January 7th, 2016 by Anastasia Miller

In May and June 2015, Walls sophomore Hannah Docter-Loeb competed in the NCES Environmentors DC and national science fairs, placing first in both events, and winning the Astrid Merget Memorial Scholarship. As part of the Environmentors program, she was paired with an NIH scientist mentor to conduct an experimental research project based on an environmental topic she had chosen. Hannah’s project objective was to see the effect of climate change, as simulated by raising temperature and salinity, on the development of zebrafish embryos.

After her work at NIH was complete, she concluded that these changes in the zebrafish environment would indeed harm the development of zebrafish embryos. In the fall of 2015 she submitted an abbreviated research paper to the International High School Journal of Science, which accepted her work for publication in their December issue (see page 49). Hannah is looking forward to continuing her research this year.

Kudos, Hannah!

Hannah Docter-Loeb (center), shown here with fellow Walls students Tana Palomino (left) and Xiu Le (right) in May 2015 at the DC Environmentors fair.

Hannah Docter-Loeb (center) with fellow Walls students Tana Palomino (left) and Xiu Chen (right) at the DC Environmentors fair in May 2015.