Scuba Club at School Without Walls

Posted on: January 20th, 2012 by Admin

Becoming certified to scuba dive occurs in two parts. The first part includes taking a course which includes learning in a classroom, getting instruction in a swimming pool and taking a certification test. Generally, the cost for this part is about $500. This includes $300 for the course, $100 for PADI materials, which includes a book, a DVD and the processing of the certification, as well as about $100 for gear rental. If you already own your own gear or you want to buy your own, then you will no need to pay the rental fee.

The second part of the certification process is open water dives. Mr. Parker leads trips to the Cayman Islands every month and we could organize a trip with him to complete the certification process. He can explain the costs for that when he comes to the school. That is just one option we have for making the open water dives.  

It is the hope of this club that we can become a tradition here at School Without Walls and eventually work with scientific organizations involved with marine science and marine biology. If you are interested in participating in the Scuba Club, please contact Mr. Evans or Stefany Flor Sanchez and attend the meeting. We are hoping to get parent involved. Any parents who would like to participate with us and also become scuba certified if they are not already, please feel free to get involved. This club will be available to Walls students, their parents and Walls staff.