School Without Walls Supper Club Kicks Off!

Posted on: November 7th, 2011 by Admin

What are the 10 Golden Rules of a successful college search? Parent Terry Lynch knows. He has succeeded in launching his daughter, Lillian Audette of 2011, to Williams College this year. Besides “Do Not Over-Stress About It.” one of the first golden rules is that the student create a resume. Students can do this on Naviance, the SWW’s software system that puts the college process in focus for parents and their students.

In 2010, the HSA contributed the funds to purchase the Naviance program. SWW is the only public high school in the District to have this powerful tool. The students of the Class of 2011 were the first to test the system and by now the Class of 2012 and 2013 have received their passwords to begin to create resumes and college profiles for themselves, to find out what traits particular schools are looking for in their students, and to generally organize the college search. Principal Trogisch handed out passwords to the parents at the Supper Club, so that they can log on as well, and begin to contribute information to the process. The daunting task of a college search is made not quite so daunting.

The Eatonsville dinner was the first event of the SWW’s Supper Club, intended to be a series of fund raising dinners to put focus on particular issues important to parents. A portion of the proceeds will fund the Naviance yearly license fee. The dinners help to cement our parent community and raise funds for special needs the school has identified, all at the same time. We’re looking for more events, ideas about issues to focus on, and other venues to host further dinners. The multiple benefits of the Supper Club were illuminated by one of the evening’s participants, “It’s great just to talk to other parents in a small setting!.” For more information, please contact Ellen Witman or Tomi Landis.