School Without Walls Lacrosse Recap

Posted on: May 23rd, 2013 by Admin

Dear Friends of School Without Walls Lacrosse,

It seems like just a few weeks ago I was writing the pre-season introduction letter, yet here we are and the season is already over. With the majority of our team getting their first introduction to lacrosse in March, I truly believed that if the boys competed hard then the season would be considered a success. Rather than go over the season myself, I’ll let the following quotes do it for me:

Your guys brought it today. I don’t think we can play you next year if you play that physical“.
– Opposing Coach 1

We’ve played private schools all year, and no one has played us that hard. It was a good lesson for our team“.
– Opposing Coach 2

I reffed your first game and your last game and it’s amazing to see how these boys have come along. If they play that hard all the time, then they are going to surprise a lot of teams. It was awesome to see their progress“.
– WLOA Referee

For a new team with developing players, it is important to realize that not all of our successes can be measured by our won and loss record. Some of our most important moments have come off of the field. With that in mind, I am especially proud of the following accomplishments:

100% Senior Graduation Rate and College Acceptance: The team benefited all year long from the dedicated senior leadership of Captains Chris Coleman and Eric Scarlett. We are extremely proud that both Chris and Eric will be graduating on time and attending college next year. Chris will be attending Morehouse and Eric will be attending the University of Arizona. Both hope to continue their lacrosse careers, as both schools field club teams.

Global Reach: As the best public high school located in the District, Walls attracts a large number of international exchange students that are spending 1-2 years in the U.S. Through after school programs and team activities, we were able to introduce the sport of lacrosse to students from Belgium, Germany, Russia, Somalia and Egypt. Of note, defenseman Nikita Seldyukov will be returning to Russia this summer and is making arrangements to play with the St. Petersburg Lacrosse Club, one of only two clubs that currently exist in the entire country.

Francis Stevens Program: As many of you are aware, Walls has entered into a partnership agreement with the Francis-Stevens School in the West End. Francis is a middle and elementary school and will be aligned with Walls starting in the fall of 2013. With the help of WINNERS Lacrosse (, we will be starting after school lacrosse programs at Francis beginning this fall to provide a healthy after school activity and to also hopefully introduce the sport to the future generations of Fighting Penguins.

Anyone who saw the team over the season knows how far they have come. I can’t thank the excellent coaching staff of Billy Fort, Kiehl Christie, and Kyle Webb enough for their dedication and efforts. The entire team, myself especially included, benefitted immensely from having Billy, Kiehl and Kyle.

This was really “Year One” as a competitive program. It has been a privilege, a pleasure and an honor to be a part of it. I can’t wait for next season.

Go Fighting Penguins!