Richard Trogisch, Principal

Posted on: December 31st, 2010 by Admin

trogischMy college education started at the Long Island University C.W. Post campus with an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree with a tri-major in history, political science and secondary education. Next I attended N.Y.U. and have the graduate credits (36) for a Masters in history. My Master of Arts in Educational Administration is from Castleton State College in Vermont. I have an additional 35 credits beyond the master’s degree in educational administration from Castleton and 12 graduate credits in educational administration from the doctoral program at the University of Vermont.

I have been an educator for over 35 years and an educational leader for more than 25 years. I have worked in both large and small schools. I have held a multitude of leadership positions: assistant principal, athletic director, principal, and headmaster. I have worked in educational leadership in both public and private sectors in the United States and internationally. My broad range of experiences (as a social studies, math, ESL, P.E. and drama teacher and coaching baseball, basketball, and squash) have enabled me to develop varied levels of expertise, which have caused me to have different perspectives and a greater range of solutions to the myriad of issues that come before a principal.

My vision for leading a school is student centered. This means that before making an educational decision I ask myself the question “Is it good for kids?” School Without Walls’ goal is to prepare students to be successful for the next step in the educational pathway, college. I have always encouraged teachers to walk the extra mile to ensure student mastery of the content and to help students develop problem-solving skills. Members of my administrative team have been strongly encouraged to recognize teaching excellence. We foster an atmosphere of excitement about learning and teaching in school, by being highly visible, and by using positive reinforcement of students and teachers to encourage positive attitudes and results.

As the former headmaster of an international school, I have had the opportunity to attend and recruit at teacher recruitment fairs. While here, we have found, inspired and signed teachers to work at SWW. SWW has an outstanding teaching staff, with the majority of these teachers having volunteered for Advanced Placement training during the past three summers.

Parents are an intrinsic part of student success in school. SWW encourages parents—current and perspective— to be very involved in their children’s education. It’s imperative. The Home School Association (HSA) has worked closely with the administrative team to ensure that our students have everything they need to be successful here and prepared for the next step to college. The administrative team here at SWW strongly encourages teachers to report, in addition to the usual quarterly report cards, by calling parents whenever a student’s performance significantly increases or decreases. This enhances communication between home and school and develops positive relationships between parents and teachers.

SWW students will be successful in the 21st century; they have the necessary technology, hardware, software and the training to be operational in the “Age of Information.” All seniors have the opportunity to use Netbooks provided by the school. Students must also demonstrate mastery in all curriculum areas: literature and language, mathematics, social studies, science, world languages and the arts. All students must take either a college course or an Advanced Placement course, have an internship off campus and successfully write and present a scholarly “Senior Project” in order to fulfill SWW diploma requirements.

SWW teachers, Home & School Association, and I are committed to the School Without Walls mission, vision and philosophy and to giving our students the best educational possible.

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