Perfect Weather for Ward 5, 6 family parties

Posted on: November 21st, 2016 by Admin

The Ward 5 and 6 picnics attracted huge crowds of Walls parents and students this past Sunday who were eager to spend a few hours outdoors in the unusually pleasant 75 degree afternoon.

More than 100 people attended the Ward 6 party which was held in a tidy triangle park bordered by 9th Street and Massachusetts Avenue Northeast. Another 50 people attended the Ward 5 party, which was hosted by former Ward 6 resident and new Ward 5 homeowner Alyssa McCrea, who is a parent to two Walls students.

Both parties were a nice celebration of the fellowship in the Walls community. Parents talked about grades and commutes and college visits and homework. Students talked about friends and teachers and threw a football around under the brightly colored trees.

There was plenty of food at both parties thanks to parents and both parties were attended by Walls administration.

Mr. Trogisch attended the Ward 5 party and talked with parents there. And longtime Walls teacher and assistant principal Ms. Issac came to the Ward 6 party where she also talked with many parents. HSA president Melody Webb, who lives in Ward 6, also spoke to parents at the Ward 6 party.

Thank you to all the volunteers in all the Wards who have helped with the previous parties and watch the newsletter for more information about fall parties in other wards.