Merger With Francis Stevens

The School Without Walls High School community has been trying to understand the impact of the decision to merge our school with Francis-Stevens Elementary Campus on our students.

The north end of the line is the Francis Stevens campus at 2425 N Street, NW. The south end of the line is the School Without Walls campus at 2130 G Street, NW. The distance between the two is nearly a mile and about a 20 minute walk:

Our community – parents, students and faculty – has a strong connection with the School Without Walls High School. We have teachers who have taught here for years, some even attended the school as high school students. Families have proudly supported child after child in their time here. Parents have given generously of their own money to support necessities and extras for the school. The relationship is strong, and so is the desire to ensure the school’s future.

Since the announcement, SWW High School parents, teachers and students, along with the LSAT and HSA have been hard at work to ensure all our voices are heard.

In response to SWWHS’s petition and the March of the Penguins, David Catania held a meeting with members of the SWWHS LSAT and the HSA, the Principal and members of the DCPS leadership, along with parents from Francis Stevens. That meeting resulted in a commitment from DCPS to provide a written plan for how SWWHS students might use space at the Francis Stevens campus. The deadline for delivering this plan to the parent leadership of both schools by August 1, 2014.

LSAT and HSA leaders will provide input to DCPS. DCPS will take that input under advisement, revise (or not) and present the plan for comments by the community by October 1, 2014.

You can review our petition and sign here:

Additional information:

We will do our best to keep this site current with all the news and information our community needs to stay informed and involved on the merger. We encourage you to stay informed and to send your thoughts, concerns and questions to the appropriate individuals:

Vincent Gray, Mayor, District of Columbia:

Phil Mendelson, Chair, DC City Council:

David Catania, Member, DC City Council; Chair, Committee on Education:

Kaya Henderson, Chancellor, DCPS:

Thomas Anderson, Instructional Superintendent, Cluster X:

Richard Trogisch, Principal, School Without Walls:

Ed Lazere, Co-chair, SWWHS LSAT:

Melanie Gisler, SWWHS HSA President: