Team Parents

SWW Team Parent Job Description

SWW Mighty Penguin Booster Club desires to have a volunteer serving as team parent for each of the Varsity, JV, and Club teams.

Team Parent Duties

  1. The Team Parent assists coaches as a contact person, maintaining a correct roster of player names & numbers, along with a current list of email addresses and phone numbers for all families on the team.
    1. In some cases, the team’s coach may ask the team parent to be responsible for all or most of the team communication.
    2. In other cases, the coach may decide to do some of the communicating directly, but the team parent still should be ready to assist when asked.
  2. The Team Parent will help coaches with phone calls if families need to be notified about last-minute changes in practice or game arrangements. Teams may wish to develop a calling list procedure for such instances; if so, the team parent would develop and oversee the calling list.
  3. The Team Parent will assist the coach in maintaining and updating information for the team on the team’s area of the SWW Sports website. When a Team Parent is established, the Athletic Director will give access to that parent.
  4. The Team Parent will work with coaches and team families concerning travel needs in regard to away games and tournaments. It is best if persons serving as team parents are planning to attend away games and tournaments.
    1. Team parents will help arrange carpools to make sure everyone has rides to out of town league games. Team parent may need to assist coaches in providing transportation when not enough other parents are able to provide rides to a particular game.
    2. Team parents will assist coaches with planning for out-of-town tournaments. This may include locating motels at which team families are encouraged to reserve rooms. It is important to make sure that enough parents are making the trip to the tournament to provide proper supervision of the team. If some parents are planning to drive back and forth rather than stay in a hotel near the tourney site, team parents will also help coordinate travel planning between such parents.
  5. The Team Parent will work with the coach to match parent volunteers with other tasks that need to be done on behalf of the team.
  6. The Team Parent is the point person for arrangements for team photographs, end-of-season gatherings, etc.
  7. Team Parents are members of the Mighty Penguin Booster Club and represent their team as part of this athletic program support committee by attending meetings, assisting with advocacy and fundraising and rallying the team’s families to participate in the Booster Club events.