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Dear Readers,
Our membership of the National French Honor Society led us to complete a service learning project.

This feature was composed as our project, by three sophomore members: Theodore Bilski, Sebastian Corrales, and Yared Lingo.  We first planned on doing these postings only for our service project, but we have decided to continue this project into the next school year of 2014-2015.

Our postings are dedicated to discussing French or Francophone history, current events, and also notifying members of the School Without Walls community of local French cultural events.  The length and topic of the different monthly newsletters will vary depending on the month, but all of them will try to inform the community about French culture in an interesting way.  Washington D.C. is very diverse in terms of cultures from across the globe, and it is our pleasure to keep you updated of interesting opportunities available to you in your city.  These first two newsletters are coming as a package: for May, and June, but next year they will be posted monthly.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter, and if you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to email us at:

Mai (May): Inaugural Issue

French History:
Just 46 years ago, France underwent a revolt in which enormous strikes swept the nation. The largest strike in France’s history occurred in May of 1968, effectively freezing its economy. The strikes were aided by the occupation of universities and factories. Police responses to the strike resulted in increased support for the strike and an outbreak of violence. In fear of a revolution or civil war, Charles de Gaulle fled to Germany and disintegrated the national assembly soon after his return to France. After de Gaulle’s calling of a new parliamentary election, the violence that had spontaneously erupted dissolved just as quickly.  This was an important part of French history, as well as world history, seeing as these revolts spread, and influenced the entire world.  In France, and in other countries that held these revolts, reform was generally implemented, and the people of the middle, and lower classes gained new rights.


Local Francophone events in DC at The Alliance Française:

  • May 30th at 10pm: Electro Swing Night – Listen to a new style of the swing music from the Great Depression with modern technology, this new genre has been sweeping Europe in the past few years
    Location: Napoleon Bistro & Lounge// 1847 Columbia Rd NW
  • May 31st at 12pm: Heure du Conte (Story Time in French)
    Bring kids to hear short stories in Frencch
    Location: Alliance Française, Dupont Circle, 2142 Wyoming Avenue, NW

News Headlines:

Netflix Confirms France launch Despite Protectionist Hurdles
France 24
21 May 2014
Netflix has announced that it will launch in France later this year. The price for a subscription in France is expected to be less than 10 euros per month, close to the price that is paid for netflix in other European countries.

Sniffer Bees’ Reared to Detect Landmines in Balkans
The Telegraph
23 May 2014
French biologists, in cooperation with Croatian biologists, have bred bees that are able to find TNT. Bees are said to be just as good as dogs in detecting certain odors, but are available in larger quantities and their training is less costly.Publication:

Ram Raiders smash Store to Steal €29 of Table Wine
The Local
26 May 2014
Robbery gone wrong:Thieves broke into a supermarket in France by crashing a car into the front door. They then ran directly to the alcohol aisle and stole 29 euros worth of table wine. Two of the bottles that were stolen were found broken around the supermarket. In their haste, the thieves performed their heist without covering their faces. It is expected that the thieves will be apprehended soon.

Juin (June): La Coupe du Monde!  (The World Cup!)

L’histoire de la France dans la Coupe du Monde (History of France in the World Cup):  France has always had a top national soccer team, and were one of four European nations to participate in the first World Cup, in Uruguay, in 1930.  Since then, France’s national team has competed in twelve more World Cups, won one World Cup Final (1998), were runners up (2006), placed third (1958, 1986), and placed fourth (1982).  France has always had a name as a top soccer team, and they have produced many top players, including: Thierry Henry, Zinedine Zidane, and Michel Platini.  To know about the history of French soccer, one should know of the single greatest moment to ever happen in the team’s history, winning a World Cup final in 1998.  France won this tournament, at home in Saint-Denis, France, in front of all of their home supporters.  France entered this tournament with a very talented squad including the likes of Zinedine Zidane , Thierry Henry, and Didier Deschamps.  In the final, France was up against Brazil, the reigning champions.  Zidane scored two first half goals, both with his head, and Emmanuel Petit added another in the 90th minute.  France won at home, and people all over the country were celebrating.

Highlights:  1998 FIFA World Cup Final: France-Brazil

Current French Team
The French national team manager, and former manager, Didier Deschamps has recently picked his 23 man squad for the 2014 World Cup to be held in Brazil.  The French team hopes to make up for their poor showing in the 2010 World Cup, and they are ready to play.  Deschamps excluded some big names from the roster, but he still has a very strong squad with players such as Franck Ribery of Bayern Munich, Karim Benzema of Real Madrid, and the young midfielder Paul Pogba of Juventus.  The team are in one of the easier groups in the group stage, seeing as they play Honduras, Switzerland, and Ecuador.  Despite this, their group will not be a stroll in the park: Switzerland, and Ecuador are both good teams, who could get out of the group stage.  The French National Soccer Team, or Les Bleus (because they wear blue), are currently preparing for the World Cup, tune in to ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC to watch their games this summer.  The World Cup officially starts with the match of the host nation, Brazil, against Croatia, on Thursday, June 12.  The first game of the French national team is Sunday, June 15.

France’s World Cup Games:

  • Sunday, June 15th, France vs Honduras, 3pm on ABC

  • Friday, June 20th, France vs Switzerland, 3pm on ESPN

  • Wednesday, June 25th, France vs Ecuador, 4pm on ESPN

Full World Cup schedule is here.