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Posted on: December 1st, 2011 by Admin

Online Grade Communications

All of us together—faculty, administrators, parents, and students—are in the early stages of implementing a new online grade communication system at SWW that is intended to provide information to parents and students about student progress and grades. Ideally this new tool would also reduce teacher time communicating on these issues as the information is now available for parents in students to access 24/7.

This is new to everyone, and the process we are going through will help us to determine:

  1. If this sort of system is helpful;
  2. If this particular software is the one for us;
  3. How to use it optimally; and
  4. What policies and protocols will guide our use of this tool.

We ask for everyone to be patient and work together on this and please be respectful in all communications.

The HSA is working to schedule a date soon to bring everyone together to share concerns and best practices and consider guidelines for use, as we continue the implementation process.

Improve Your Work—Take the Time to Write a Draft

SWW teachers strongly suggest that students take the time to compose a first draft of their papers and project before finalizing their work and turning it in.  This will help to avoid mistakes, improve content, grammar, format, style and the overall composition of their work. So:

  1. Start your research, writing and your projects early – don’t wait till the last minute.
  2. Write a draft.
  3. Get feedback from a parent, teacher, another student, someone who has knowledge of the topic, self-edit.
  4. Complete and turn in.

Follow these steps and your work (and maybe even your grades) will improve.  And if you have questions, ask your teacher in class.

Law Firm Provides Tutoring Support

Through our relationship with the law firm Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver, and Jacobson, students can get tutoring support in Humanities, Social Studies, and Writing. Students can sign up with Ms. Isaac and they will be given a date and time to report for tutoring support. Students are expected to be prepared and to take exams, papers, assignments and other materials that relate to their work and/or the areas where they need help. The tutoring sessions are interactive and students are expected to attend on a regular basis from 3:45p–4:45p.  The law firm is located on 17th Street, NW.

This is a great resource, please take advantage of it.

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