Look What You’ve Done

Posted on: December 11th, 2012 by Admin

JeanBy: Jean Boland

Some nameless person uttered the words that “the smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention.”

Walls students, parents and faculty can take pride in the many small deeds they have undertaken since the beginning of the school year. As we inch closer to the winter holidays and end the calendar year, it’s a good time to review some of these many “small deeds.”

Parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers and administrators reached into their hearts and wallets to contribute $53,000 for the betterment of the school. Folks who have been around a while say it’s the best start to a school year the parents association has ever had.

So, thanks to those of you who contributed, here is where your hard-earned and generously contributed money went:

  • Teacher Training: The Humanities faculty (Ms. Briggs, Mr. Ghazi, Mr. Ismail, Ms. Nugent, Ms. Pokorak and Ms. Schulz) attended a national conference for English teachers. Mr. Diagne and Mr. Catlin went to a conference for foreign language teachers, and Mr. Ismail, Ms. Vollin and Madame Thorpe took courses at Trinity College on multicultural education and learning the latest techniques for remedial education.
  • Technology and Communications: The HSA entirely paid for Jupiter, the online grade reporting technology; Naviance, the web-based college application site; Turnitin, the online program to ensure students are producing original work; I Contact, the weekly email bulletin you receive (and some of you even read!); and our website. By the way, check out the website. We’ve made some changes and now even now including meeting minutes and budget for the HSA. Clink on “Parents” on the navigation bard and see where it takes you.
  • Music and Arts: Your contributions enabled us to support several partnerships with the Kennedy Center: first, we paid for an annual program that provides tickets for students to events; and second, we are matching the school’s grant to the Kennedy Center so artists-in-residence can come into the classroom and work with students on art, dance, drama, storytelling and more. We also invested in our orchestra by purchasing chimes (Mr. Alberts hopes they get here soon). We made it possible for students to attend an Arena Stage production by filling in the gap with transportation funds and paid for a pianist for the Thanksgiving musical program.
  • Sports: We paid the coaches salary and the officials’ fees for the girls field hockey team.
  • Students: We wish this list was longer, but we made it possible for students to have the all-important student planner. Ask your son or daughter to show you what this is if you don’t know.
  • Community Building: And in the spirit of building our community, we paid for ice and paper products for our annual back-to-school picnic at Rock Creek Park, hosted breakfast and lunch for teachers when they returned to school in August, paid to mail our family directory, and invested in a merchandise program so students, teachers and parents can show their pride in Walls with sweatshirts, hats and car decals.

You’ve done a really nice job, Walls parents. Thanks. We’re not done yet and hope to build this list as the year goes on support grows.

Best wishes for a happy holiday.