Letter from Principal Trogisch

Posted on: March 26th, 2017 by Leslie Pace

Dear School Without Walls Community,

I was shocked and upset by the recent posting on line and graffiti written in the bathroom at SWW HS. I would like to let everyone know that we are working on plans to educate and train all members of the SWW community about how to work, live and be global citizens during this transitional time in our country’s history, where people appear to believe that any type of behavior or speech will be tolerated. We are using this current political moment to further commit to strengthening and influencing our school culture. The current priority is looking at ways to create shared knowledge through training and resource development. We here at SWW will not tolerate or allow/condone hateful remarks, drawings or actions of disrespect/aggression towards any member of the community or the city; as far as we have the ability to influence. Please know and remember that SWW is a place where everyone can, and is expected to grow and thrive around diversity; especially when divisive incidents occur.

We have been working with DCPS, George Washington University, Anti-defamation league, D.C. Rape Crisis Center, students, faculty, LSAT and HSA members to craft training for parents, students, faculty and administration to help guide us through this challenging  period of change.  We are working on a plan to reinforce and give support to each segment of the SWW community. Given the complexities surrounding the events that have recently occurred here at SWW, we’re navigating through creating this plan in thoughtful way and within a reasonable amount of time. We will provide updates to the community weekly on how this is progressing and when the training and support work will begin.

We are asking for people to keep us informed of any inappropriate: social media postings, written and verbal confrontations, so we can deal with them in a timely manner.  We look at this mission, as being one of the most important lessons people will learn this year, as we promote diversity and the value of each of our differences as well as our similarities. We will continue to operate under the 4R’s – Respect Yourself, Respect the Rights of Others, Respect Property and Respect the Rights of Others to Learn.

If you would like to help, please feel free to email me at Richard.Trogisch@dc.gov.

Richard Trogisch