International Travel Opportunities


The LSAT’s Travel Committee has developed a set of procedures to strengthen and coordinate travel opportunities at Walls:

  1. Faculty members interested in sponsoring trips develop trip plans and submit a proposal by March 1 each year to the committee (for 2015, the deadline is April 1).
  2. The committee reviews the proposals and meets with faculty trip sponsors to assess the geographic mix of proposed trips, trip costs, and the timing of trips.
  3. The committee works with faculty trip sponsors to build consensus about a set of trips, and then makes recommendations to the SWW administration, which makes the final decisions about which trips to approve.
  4. The approved list of trips is circulated to the Walls community by April 1 (this year, May 1), giving families time to plan for the upcoming year.

The committee and faculty trip sponsors will also explore fundraising options to provide aid to families that need it.

Following is a list of upcoming planned student trips. To find out more about each trip, email the faculty leaders listed for each entry. Information on this page will be updated periodically, as needed.

To read student travel blogs from past trips, visit the travel blog The School Without Walls Madcap Adventures.



November 18-28

Faculty leaders: Carlton Ackerman and Jane Brinley 

This trip will take students to Rome for a 10-day study tour. Highlights include touring the Colosseum and Roman Forum, bicycle riding on the Via Appia, and exploring the Roman ruins under St. Peter’s, finishing with a climb to the top of its dome.

Estimated cost is $3,000.



Early spring (specific dates TBD)

Faculty leader: Shakir Ghazi 

This trip is part of an exchange with our sister school in Sunderland, England (Sunderland is one of Washington’s sister cities; the ancestral home of George Washington’s family is located a few miles away). Students will attend classes at the Monkwearmouth School, stay with and shadow students from the school, visit local cultural sites, and spend the final three days of the trip exploring London.

Estimated cost is $1,700.


March 28-April 9                              

Faculty leader: Adebayo Thorpe

This trip to Europe, organized through EF Tours, will give students a new global perspective.

Estimated cost is $3,800.


April 5-13

Faculty leader: Jason Bulluck 

This trip with EF Tours explores Japan’s many identities through the centuries: Tokyo, the modern center of pop culture and business; Kyoto, the center of tradition; and the countryside’s unsurpassed natural beauty, which students will reach by high-speed train to Hakone National Park. Estimated cost is $4,000.


Changed: March 26 to April 3

Faculty leader:  Taneka Parascandolo 

This people-to-people tour covers four main regions on the island, including Havana, as well as Little Havana in Miami. Students will engage with Cuban farmers, fishermen, and artists and will visit families in their homes.

Estimated cost is $3,142


April 10-17

Faculty leader: Shakir Ghazi               

This trip focuses on exploring the culture of Peru and hiking the Inca Trail. Students will learn how to be backpackers hiking abroad and how to dive into a new culture, trying the foods and engaging in the traditions and history. The group will hike the Inca Trail (26 miles), visit Machu Picchu, and climb Huayna Picchu.

Estimated cost is $2,131.


April 16-23 Canceled

Faculty leader: Laura Honig 

This is a French language immersion trip.  Students will engage in language learning by carrying out daily themed activities; for example, cooking, where students go to the markets, buy ingredients, and cook a dinner with a French family. Students will study several themes, a great way to expand French skills.

Estimated cost is $3,700.


Early 4th advisory

Faculty leader: Jim Evans 

Organized through Blue Planet Scuba, this trip will take students to the Caribbean, probably the volcanic island of Dominica. Students will learn about coral reef conservation and how to identify fish. Experience gained on this trip can lead to scuba diving community service opportunities in the future. Scuba certification is required; training to acquire certification is available through Blue Planet Scuba, which has a training center in DC.

This training costs an extra $500 over the base cost of the trip, which is an estimated $2,000.


June 14-23

Faculty leader: Carolyn Schulz 

Students will hike in Denali National Park.

Cost TBA.


Last two weeks of June (specific dates TBD)

Faculty leader: John Mungai 

This trip will take students to Tanzania and will include two to three days of community service in Arusha, four days on safari in the Serengeti, and two to three days in Zanzibar.

Cost TBA.