Grade Bump Update as of Feb 1st

Posted on: February 1st, 2017 by Leslie Pace

During the February LSAT meeting the LSAT approved two measures relating to issues of grade bump inequities among various categories of Walls students.

First, for students that are not in the GWU program and did not take Honors classes at other schools, the administration will include with all transcripts an addendum that provides an alternative class rank. This alternative rank will show the student’s class standing compared only against similarly situated students, specifically students not in the GWU program and students whose transcripts do not reflect Honors classes from other school systems

Second, the LSAT is forming a committee of parents and students to explore issues related to grade bumps and rankings (including GWU program issues) and propose solutions addressing such issues to the LSAT.  If you are interested in joining this committee please contact Lori Lee as soon as possible.