Grade Bump Issue on Dual Enrollment Courses

Posted on: January 18th, 2014 by Admin

This fall a working group was convened to make recommendations to the Chancellor regarding grade weighting for dual credit classes taken by high school students across the school system. The working group included three representatives connected to SWW.

Chancellor Kaya Henderson accepted the recommendations of the working group. Specifically, she said there will be a 1 point grade bump to college courses, that the courses will be determined to be eligible for a grade bump in a transparent annual approval process, and that the grade bump will go into effect in the 2014-15 school year.

Dual credit classes are those that are taken at a college or university but also are counted as meeting a high school graduation requirement.  SWW students in the GW Early College Program (GWECP) take many dual credit classes.

The issue before the task force was whether to add a one-point “grade bump” to grades in dual credit classes.

The Chancellor’s decision means that for GPA purpose, an A would be credited as a 5 instead of the normal 4, a B would be credited as a 4 instead of a 3, etc.  Currently high school classes that are AP or IB receive a grade bump to reflect the rigor of those classes.  College classes that count as a high school requirement do not receive a grade bump

The task force noted that the GWECP program creates a class ranking issue for SWW.  SWW students who are in the GWECP program are ranked along side SWW students in the traditional high school program.  The task force recommended that DCPS explore the best way to do class rankings for SWW high school students.

Chancellor’s Decision
Recommendations Submitted to SWW Principal Trogisch
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