Endorsement from Current Newspapers for SWWHS Concerns on Merger

Posted on: May 2nd, 2014 by Admin

Update on Merger Efforts

Thanks to all of you who have gotten involved. Your commitment is paying off. We just received an endorsement from the Current Newspapers, and we will soon meet with Councilmember Catania. But more needs to be done. DCPS still has not responded to our concerns. Keep reading to learn what has happened and what is coming up.

Endorsement from The Current

This week The Current Newspapers endorsed our efforts to seek DCPS adoption of the merger working group recommendations. Click here and scroll to page 8 to read the editorial.

According to the editorial, “It would be folly to move forward with an arrangement that provides a quality education at the lower grades only by detracting from an excellent upper school program. Chancellor Kaya Henderson will not get closer to her goal of a quality education for every pupil by dragging down one of her star offerings.”

This endorsement follows many recent efforts made by our parent community, including:

  • We delivered a petition signed by more than 1,300 students, parents and supporters to Chancellor Henderson, Mayor Gray, and Councilmembers Bowser and Catania. Read and sign the petition here.
  • SWWHS parents and a student testified at a City Council hearing on the DCPS budget.
  • Parents such as Don Parsons and Terry Lynch have submitted letters and op/eds on this matter. Go to our website to read Freshman parent Don Parson’s opinion piece, which was published in the April 16 Current, and Senior parent Terry Lynch’s letter published in the April 30 Current.

Despite these efforts, still no response from the Chancellor.

Next Steps

We continue to need your involvement and support:

  • Parent leaders are preparing for a meeting next week with City Council Education Chairman David Catania, a top DCPS official and our principal. If any of our parents have examples of how the shared leadership over two campuses has affected their student, please contact us as soon as possible. (Emails listed below.)
  • At the recent Council hearing, Marion Barry expressed support for our situation. We’d like to arrange a meeting with a small group of parents to brief him and solicit his help. If any of our families have connections with him, please let us know right away.
  • We are planning to designate a day in May to bombard the Chancellor through email and Twitter. Please look out for more information, including the designated day and suggested talking points.

Ed Lazere, LSAT Co-Chair    edlazeredc@gmail.com
Jean Boland, HSA President    boland2900@verizon.net