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PLEASE Support Our Students at School Without Walls!

Join the “Dollar-a-Day Campaign” — it is our major family fundraising effort for Fall 2017.

Donate $1 for each of the 180 days of this School Year ~ in a one-time contribution or at $30 per month.

Help the School Without Walls Home School Association reach our 2017–2018 fundraising goal of $60,000!

Each year, HSA donations help fund student athletics, arts and music programs, after-school clubs, teacher training and special annual SWW community events.

Over the past year, the HSA has:

— purchased new student laptop computers;

— supported adult chaperones’ expenses for student trips

— maintained the Naviance software for students’ college preparation and scheduling;


— ensured teachers’ access to (for assignment tracking)’;

With every family’s support, we can continue to do all this and even more!

Most SWW families contribute at least $180 per student …but:

We ask every family to be as generous as possible. No contribution is too small, and membership has its benefits: a sense of community and a testimony to national grant-giving foundations and other donors that we are a united, highly-participatory parent body–this encourages organizations like the Gates Foundation and others to fund our students’ projects, including Robotics, Model UN, ATT Film Festival and others.

Here’s how:

1) You can make online donations using a credit card (and please do not select an “anonymous” donation – we’d like to add you to our “Parent Contributors” list). :-)

2) You can also write a check to “School Without Walls HSA” noting “membership/donation” on the memo line and deliver or mail it to: SWW Home and School Association, School Without Walls Senior High School, 2130 G Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20037.

So, donate now by clicking the button below for a one-time gift OR you can make your contribution over the course of the school year–each month your chosen amount will be automatically applied to your credit card.

Our amazing School Without Walls students thank you!

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