Dive In! Scuba Trip to Roatan, Honduras

Posted on: October 7th, 2013 by Admin

After our successful trip to the Cayman Islands in 2012, we are planning a scuba diving trip this year to Roatan, Honduras, during spring break, from April 12 – 19.  This trip will available to students, parents and staff who have open water scuba certification.  Blue Planet Scuba, a dive shop near Dupont Circle, is organizing the trip and their scuba instructors will accompany us to Roatan.

Blue Planet Scuba, has offered us an opportunity to undergo scuba training with them to get PADI Open Water certification. For more information contact them on 202-527-9419 or via email.

Based on current Travelocity airfares, accommodation in Roatan and diving costs, it is estimated that the cost of the trip will be between $1500 to $1800.  More information is forthcoming.

I am planning a meeting with parents on October 23 to discuss details. Since spring break is a busy season in Roatan, we will need to book the accommodations fairly soon. Once we have an email list, I can keep everyone informed about the details of the trip.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact me at contact me at jim.evans@dc.gov