Debate Team Update by Taiwo Dosunmu

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Debate Article

Date: February 6, 2013

The School Without Walls debate team has been busy lately. The team most recently debated in an Urban Debate League tournament on Saturday, February 2nd. Not long before that, the team debated in the Omega Psi Phi – Kappa Psi & Delta 2012-2013 Washington DC Metro Area Public Debate Tournament on Saturday, January 19, 2013. In true School Without Walls fashion, the debaters were very successful in both debates.

At the Omega Psi Phi debate, where the teams debated the topic of marijuana legalization, two SWW teams rounded out the top three places. The team consisting of Camara Hudson and Jacob Ausbel finished in 3rd place and the team consisting of Taiwo Dosunmu, Elena Burger, and Christie Hoyte Hayes finished in 1st place. SWW debaters also did very well individually with Christie Hoyte Hayes ranked as 4th-place speaker, Liyana Ido ranked as 2nd-place speaker, and Camara Hudson winning out as the 1st-place speaker.

At the February 2, 2013 Urban Debate League tournament, the debaters continued their success. Debating the three topics of the U.S. embargo on Cuba, legalization of marijuana (again), and whether or not to ban contact football in middle and high schools, SWW dominated both the top 10 teams and the top 10 individual speakers. The team of Brett Isaacs, Nathan Ausbel, and Zarrina Mulloboeva came in 8th place. The team of Christie Hoyte Hayes and Taiwo Dosunmu came in 6th place. The team of Max Segal, Olivia Johnson, and Clara McCurdy came in 5th place. The team of Camara Hudson, Jacob Ausbel, and Jonathan Wood was undefeated in their rounds and won 1st place. As an individual speaker Jacob Ausbel was 8th place, Brett Isaacs was 5th place, Olivia Johnson was 4th place, Christie Hoyte Hayes was 3rd place, and once again Camara Hudson won 1st place. The school as a whole also took home the Sweepstakes award for the most wins overall, as well as the award for 1st place winning percentage.