Debate: A Lifestyle

Posted on: February 15th, 2012 by Admin

sww debateteam_231by Sinclair Blue

The School Without Walls Debate Club has 13 dedicated members, including males and females, freshmen to seniors, with backgrounds as diverse as Russian, African American, and German. Joan Hoyte, the mother of SWW Junior and Team Co-Captain Christie Hoyte-Hayes, is the adult sponsor of the Club. Ms. Hoyte’s dedication to the Tuesday and Friday lunchtime practices in Room 24 allows the Club to run smoothly. She has helped the club achieve one of its primary goals: to challenge each one of its members intellectually. The trophies that club members have won over the years for having a first place team, first place speakers and the highest percentage of wins, are just bonuses.

Chilling with friends, off-campus lunches and Saturday’s that could be spent lounging at the mall, are just a few of the things that School Without Walls’ debaters sacrifice. Ah, but that’s a small price to pay for the confidence that debaters develop in their ability to understand and intelligently discuss many of the day’s current local, national and international issues, and gaining friendships that last. Money cannot buy the power to control words, captivate a judge, and think on your feet; these gifts are earned over time.

If any of these skills and rewards interests you, the School Without Walls Debate Club is where you belong. Before signing yourself onto the team, however, there is one thing you must consider:

Debating is not just a team or a club activity.

It’s a lifestyle.


SWW 2012 Debate Team--1st Place Winners

Above: 1st place team (Christie Hoyte Hayes, Camara Hudson and Olivia Johnson), the 1st place speaker (Camara), and the 4th place speaker (Brett Isaacs) holding their award checks: $200, $100, and $25, respectively.

Top image: Members of the Walls Debate club who participated in the 1/21/12 tournament—Christie Hoyte Hayes, Camara Hudson, Olivia Johnson, Nathan Bedford-Strohm, Jonathan Wood, Brett Isaacs, Max Segal, Clara McCurdy, and Clara Meier—who participated in Saturday’s tournament.