Club Funding Available from the HSA

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General Guidelines for Funding Requests Made to the HSA

The HSA funds academic and extracurricular enrichment activities, as well as professional development for faculty and staff not covered by DCPS. The guidelines described below are general in nature and not exhaustive. Requests for funding that do not fall within established guidelines may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The process for requesting funds is initiated with the HSA Funding Request Form, which can be downloaded (HSA Funding Request Form), requested by email to, or in person from School Administration. If you have any questions, please email us at

Guidelines for Funding Requests

As required by SWW HSA bylaws, Article V, Section 6: “Funds received by the SWWHS HSA will be used for the sole benefit of the School Without Walls High School. Any other uses of SWW HSA funds must be approved by a majority vote of the general membership”.

Guidelines for Student Clubs/Athletic Activities

  • The student club/program must be recognized by School Without Walls administration as an approved club/program.
  • A written request must be submitted for the expense BEFORE the expense is incurred with reasonable notice time for the HSA to consider the request. Expenses incurred before a request is approved will not be reimbursed by the HSA.
  • HSA will pay for registration fees for the event if DCPS does not cover such fees.
  • HSA will pay for reasonable travel expenses for parent/teacher chaperones.
  • HSA does not pay for student travel expenses.

Funding Request Process

The HSA Funding Request Form (in digital or hard copy) must be completed to request funding. Note that approval is required as stated below.

  • Indicate Type of Funding Requested as follows:
    • Direct Funding is referred to the Board, or
    • Grants assistance requests referred to Grants Committee
  • State the Payment Method as one of of the following:
    • Reimbursement (Receipts MUST be attached)
    • Purchase Request with Check (Attach invoice.); Online (Attach website/item information.); Grant Request (Complete the Grant Request Form)
  • Indicate check payee on the form.
  • Approval must be provided with signatures of the following:
    • Department Chair
    • Principal
    • HSA President