Class of 2018 Senior Project Summer Assignment

Posted on: July 10th, 2017 by Leslie Pace

You completed your Pre-Senior project and had a brief window in to the expectations of Senior Project.  Now the real work begins.  You need to choose your topic and begin your research this summer.

Once you choose a topic, you need to find the sources you will come to depend on as you design your argument.  Remember:  your Senior Project MUST be an argument.  It’s time to gather, begin reading, evaluating, and organizing your sources.  This effort will result in an annotated bibliography-  the graded portion of your “summer assignment”.

Use this address to find and model your annotated bibliography from the information provided:  Read the document but keep in mind that we have tweaked the assignment slightly.  1.  You are to use MLA format only; 2.  Your annotations should be 5-6 sentences;  3.  All of your annotations will be “evaluative annotations” as described on the handout; and 4. You will have a preface for your annotated bibliography.  Your preface should list your research question (you’re not ready for a thesis just yet) and a brief (5-7 sentence) “overview of the current critical knowledge about the subject.”  The preface should appear after your heading and before your annotation entries begin.

Your annotated bibliography must have 10 scholarly sources listed.  Still not sure if a source is scholarly or not?  Check out Cornell University’s descriptions at:  You can click on the tabs explaining various sources for further information.

Please note:  It is not necessary to completely read each of your ten sources cover to cover before creating an annotated bibliography.  Only you can judge how much you need to read of each source to know if it is worthy of your paper and will help shape your argument before our August return.  In addition, only you know how busy you will be once the school year begins.  Don’t cheat yourself.  Get as much research done as you can in balance with the rest of your summer plans and commitments.  You don’t want to feel behind on the 1st day of school anymore than you want to claim that you are ready to write your entire paper in September.

The annotated bibliography must be in PROPER MLA format for each source you use and the entire document should be, of course, listed in alphabetical order according to author’s last name.   Do not rely on programs such as “Easy Bib”; I’ve seen too many mistakes made by these programs.  Consult your Pocket Style Manual or a MLA handbook.

Your assignment will be graded as follows:  10 points each entry x 10 entries= a potential 100.  That 10 points is earned by using proper MLA format (5-points) and the quality of your evaluative annotation (5-points) for each entry.

Please note:  MLA rules (12 point font, proper heading, headers, etc.) are required.  Failure to follow MLA rules will result in a reduction of your grade.

You are to hand in your assignment to your assigned teacher on the 1st day of your assigned “Senior Project” class.

Have a fantastic summer,

Ms. Pokorak