AFS in in need of host families

AFS is in need of host families for the fall of 2017, our immediate need is for Florian. His host dad had a change in job assignment that has him traveling too often. Flo (17) is a sweet kid from Austria, and he is already  in the US. He is a reliable, independent, upbeat guy. He is easy-going, self-reliant and studious;  he actually likes school! Flo attends a computer science school, and it’s his heaven! He absolutely  loves everything about technology and works on software development at school as well as in his  free time. He says it is very satisfying to solve a puzzle that has stumped you. He is very close  with his parents, but excited to challenge himself living abroad


Jintapa’s host family experienced a sudden family illness, leaving them unable to host. Jib (17) arrives from Thailand on the 6th of September 2017.  She is a studious young lady with an artistic streak! Jib has entered many national competitions for art and has won quite a few. Jib enjoys spending time with her family and she loves her two cats. She is active in scouting and loves watching documentary movies, as she loves learning new things. She can’t wait for her

exchange year to meet people of all different backgrounds!


We are still placing students – and it has been a slower process than usual finding host families this year. If you can provide room and board, and a stable, loving and open-minded home, then  we would love to have you host. Please contact Amanda Dennen, American Field Services Team  Development Specialist at or (301) 356-7243.