Senior Project

Senior Project Description
The Senior Project class is a required course for graduation from SWWHS. This course offers a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum that requires students to complete multiple assignments related to a single research argument or thesis. The Senior Project will prepare students to be critical thinkers, thoughtful writers, and scholarly researchers in preparation for college. The outcome of the project will demonstrate academic and creative skills, as well as be a platform for students to develop as reflective learners and thinkers. The Senior Project reflects the culmination of academic experiences at School Without Walls and the influence community and global knowledge have on our student population.

On the first day of class, all students in Senior Project receive binders. These binders include all forms, deadlines, assignment requirements, and rubrics for the school year. If you have any question on the Senior Project, please first consult the Senior Project handbook.

The Senior Project is divided in to five major components: a letter of understanding, project, paper, portfolio, and presentation. Students must show proficiency on the research paper and presentation in order to graduate from School Without Walls High School.