While the specific texts studied and written projects assigned may vary from teacher to teacher, the Humanities Department is dedicated to creating a comprehensive and cohesive curriculum. The Humanities courses are taught in sequence from the ninth to the twelfth grade. We have designed the sequence to provide students with the broadest possible base, which will form a strong foundation for post-secondary studies. The Humanities department also offers the opportunity to alternate the Humanities III and IV courses with the AP programs of Language and Literature. Electives such as writing, drama, and journalism are offered as well.

Humanities I; E50 (9th grade)
This course provides ninth grade students with the opportunity to explore the formative periods of civilization on several continents. Representative readings are drawn from drama, epics, historical writing, philosophy, and more. Primary focus is placed on the study of mythology and the oral tradition.

Humanities II; E51 (10th grade)
Students study the relationship of the American literature to the other arts, history, religion, science, technology, and architecture of the United States from European contact to Post-Reconstruction.

Humanities III; E52 (11th grade)
This course is designed to develop knowledge and appreciation of the cultural diversity of the United States. Students will study the history, art, literature, dance, and music of a variety of ethnic groups, including Native American, African American, Irish American, Jewish American, Latin American, and Asian American.

Humanities IV; E53 (12th grade)
In this final year of the program, the graduating seniors will be engaged in literature, art, music, and dance which have developed during the rapidly changing social, political, and technological conditions of the twentieth century. Students will examine the impact of technology on consciousness and culture as they prepare themselves for the challenges of the 21st century.

AP English Language and Composition; E12 (11th Grade)
This course will train you to become skilled readers and writers and will prepare you to take the AP Language and Composition exam. Primary emphasis will be placed on developing students’ critical thinking skills: synthesis, analysis, and evaluation. This course prepares students for intermediate and advanced college courses in English by making demands upon them equivalent to those of a yearlong introductory college English course. The primary purpose of the course is to develop students’ analytical reading and writing abilities. The secondary purpose of this course is to give students a thorough background of 20th Century American Literature and the socio/cultural context in which the authors wrote. Students will write two major papers, in the first semester in response to the essential question of the unit. Daily activities will include reading, writing, and discussing the essential elements for Advanced Placement English Language and Composition.

AP English Literature and Language; E07 (12th Grade)
Advanced Placement Literature is a college-level class with college-level requirements. At the end of the Spring semester you will the opportunity to earn up to a year’s college credit by taking the Advanced Placement examination in Literature and Composition. The concentration of the content in this course is in the study of artistic use of language of increasing complexity. Evaluation of your progress will be through in-class and out-of-class assignments and content quizzes on the reading assignments.