GW Partnership


The School Without Walls is located within the boundaries of The George Washington University’s Foggy Bottom campus at 2130 G Street, NW. Since 1980, the two institutions have collaborated on several levels with the goal of fostering a mutually beneficial learning environment through teacher sharing, teaching collaborations and educator training, as well as offering up educational opportunities for School Without Walls students, faculty and staff.

What is the GW Exposure Program?
SWW students apply for and enroll in individual courses on a semester basis. Students may begin to take courses in the summer following their sophomore year. Standard requirements for admission: 3.0 G.P.A. and PSAT score of 150+.

When are classes offered?
Classes are offered during GW’s Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

How do you apply for the program?
Information sessions will he held during the year and applications are given out then. Additionally, students can see Ms. Kapadia for applications.

Approximate deadlines for GW Exposure applications (please note that specific dates will be given as deadlines approach):

  • Fall Semester: Mid May
  • Spring Semester: Mid October
  • Summer Semester*: Mid March

*Please note GW has two summer sessions and students who are applying for the summer may only take one class during one of the summer sessions not one during both summer sessions.

All applications are due to Ms. Kapadia by the deadline stated. A completed application includes the required one page essay and a counselor recommendation. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

I’ve applied and I want to know if I got in.
Once applications have been submitted we have to wait for GW to get back to us. When GW sends us the acceptance letters they will be distributed to students. Please be patient when waiting to find out if you got into the program. You will be notified as soon as anything is received.

I’ve been accepted, how do I sign up for a class?
Congratulations! You will be notified by Ms. Kapadia about an information session and you MUST attend.  At the session you will get information on how to register for classes.

Information to help you register for classes

  • Go to: At the bottom it says SWW enrichment program. Click on the first link  that says Enrichment Program Registration Checklist and the most important things you need to look at are these:
  • Check the Schedule of Classes: to determine what courses interest you and are open for registration. You can only register for classes numbered 001-150 unless permission is granted from SWW to take a higher-level class. Any specific questions about courses should be directed to the professor. Their name is found on the Schedule of Classes and contact information in the Directory.
  • Check for any prerequisites, labs/discussion groups and/or additional fees that are part of the course you wish to take. If a class has a pre-requisite you have to have satisfied it, otherwise you cannot take the class.
  • Confirm the days, time and location your class will meet. Classes marked “MV” meet at GW’s Mt. Vernon campus. You want to make sure you are looking at classes on Foggy Bottom campus. Make sure you pick a class that meets outside of the school day.