Trogisch, Richard (Principal)

Richard Trogisch, Principal
Phone: 202.645.9690

Richard Trogisch, principal of School Without Walls High School, has been an educator for over 35 years and an educational leader for more than 25 years. He has worked in schools large and small, public and private, national and international, and has held a multitude of leadership positions: assistant principal, athletic director, principal, and headmaster. His broad range of experiences (as a social studies, math, ESL, P.E. and drama teacher and coach of baseball, basketball and squash) has enabled him to develop many skills, different perspectives and a wide range of solutions to educational issues.

Mr. Trogisch’s college education started at the Long Island University C.W. Post campus where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a tri-major in history, political science and secondary education. Next he attended N.Y.U. and has the graduate credits for a Masters in history. He received a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Castleton State College in Vermont. He has an additional 35 credits beyond the master’s degree in educational administration from Castleton and 12 graduate credits in educational administration from the doctoral program at the University of Vermont.

Here is how Mr. Trogisch describes his vision as a principal and an educator:  “My vision for leading a school is student centered. This means that before making an educational decision I ask myself the question “Is it good for kids?”

At School Without Walls, where the goal is to prepare students to be successful for the next step in the educational pathway – college – Mr. Trogisch encourages teachers to walk the extra mile to ensure student mastery of  content and to help students develop problem-solving skills.

“We foster an atmosphere of excitement about learning and teaching in school, by being highly visible, and by using positive reinforcement of students and teachers to encourage positive attitudes and results,” he says.