Muhammad, Khalif

Mr. Muhammad joined the Walls faculty in 2014. He teaches AP Physics C, Physics 1, and Forensics, and sponsors the Robotics Club.

An Atlantan, Mr. Muhammad received a BS in physics (with an emphasis in mechanical engineering) from Tuskegee University. He then worked as a patent examiner for the U.S. Patent Office for seven years.

He began teaching as a substitute at Ballou, Roosevelt, and Coolidge high schools; in 2013 he transitioned into a full-time physics teacher at Cardozo High School.

Mr. Muhammad is a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, and he likes to travel. He admits to being not just a foodie–Whole Foods is “probably one of my most favorite places ever”–but a seafoodie who swears that he’d take a trip to New Orleans just to eat shrimp.

His favorite bit of wisdom to pass on to students is the observation that time is neutral: it can be used either constructively or destructively.

Best of all, he says that he wakes up every morning thinking that he has the best job in the world.