Bennett, Nicholas

Subject(s): Precalculus and Discrete Mathematics, also Varsity Tennis Coach
Phone:  703-399-5057

Mr. Bennett has spent six years at Walls teaching math, including AP Calculus AB, Concepts of Calculus, and Algebra 2, and is currently the Department Chair in Mathematics. He received a B.S. in Math and Psychology from Grand Valley State University (Michigan) and training in classroom teaching from North Carolina State, as well as AP certification training for math. He is currently working on a master’s degree in mathematics education from Nova Southeastern University in Florida. Before he came to Walls, he taught at Warren County High School and Riverbend Middle School, both in Virginia.

Mr. Bennett is involved in various school activities, including Model UN and Varsity Tennis, for which he serves as coach. He is also a sponsor for the Senior Class.

He enjoys golf, tennis, bowling, and camping, and is a passionate reader of books about the American Revolution. He believes that being a husband and father is the greatest gift he’s been given, and he especially loves going to Disney World with his family. If asked for advice on how to live one’s life, he would urge you to spend time with the ones you love, and not to get caught up in what you can’t control.

Last, but not least, his favorite ice cream flavor is cookie dough!